Ladies – Let’s Go Fishing

vI’m not one to go out of the way to go fishing however, every gal/lady should learn what it’s all about. Biggest reason is guys LOVE fishing. Second reason is men complain we, gals, don’t like it. Third and most important reason – women get jealous if their man goes fishing and other women are on the boat paying attention to their man. Work around? Take a class with/through Ladies Let’s Go Fishing (LLGF)! It’s the best of both worlds. Most classes are ladies only; except one or two male instructors. There’s no yelling and no name calling. No one tells you you’re stupid. There is no stupid question. Just ask my friend Rebecca who took this class with me…

Captain George Mittler taught us about bait and trolling speeds. He commented that you want the bait to be constantly swimming with a natural presentation. Trolling speed is important when it comes to sea weather conditions. On a flat day you’ll troll about eight knots to keep that bait swimming or just skimming along on the surface. In a 2 – 3 foot sea you’ll

5 Important Fishing Safety Tips That You Should Remember While Out With Your Boat

ergFishing is a profession that several people take up especially those who live close to the coast or near water bodies. Fish forms the main part of the diet and oils extracted out of it is used for medicinal purposes.

Apart from having a professional aspect to fishing, people fish for leisure. It is an adventure in itself where you can tread along all by yourself along with your friends and family or can get along with professional fishing organizations that can help you have great time fishing along with professional help.

Fishing has several benefits where you can get away from the daily hustle and bustle and relax. It helps to relieve stress along with anxiety and thus making you feel refreshed. While you plan to go out fishing either alone or with friends, you need to keep several precautionary points in mind. These may help you whenever you plan to have a fun outing.

• Wear safety gear – Whenever you are out in the water on a boat, make sure to wear life jackets. Every member on the boat should be wearing one

Ideas for Family Fun With Fishing

ergWhen family fun is on the itinerary, you have many options. Fishing can be an inexpensive activity that appeals to people of all ages. To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe time with the rods and bait, follow standard guidelines and practices.

Set the Right Tone

While serious anglers are all about quiet and concentration to land a big fish, kids just want to have fun. Therefore, when you set out for family fun with rods, bait, and a tackle box, set a tone of adventure and exploration. Youngsters will not be likely to want to sit on a pier for hours on end in silence while waiting for a nibble. Instead, they will probably want to splash in the water, hunt for rocks, skim stones, throw sticks in the water, watch butterflies, catch frogs, pick flowers, and play hide and seek. Save the serious fishing for an adults-only trip and focus this excursion on enjoyable adventure.

Prepare in Advance

Elaborate gear and tackle are not necessary, but make sure you have the items you need before you hit the water. Pack enough hooks, bait, line,

Pier Fishing Tips for Beginners

dvPier fishing is not an overly technical term; it simply describes the act of fishing off a pier. Pier fishing is such a popular option because it’s so simple, all you need is a walkway that runs out into the water. You can do it with a rod and reel or even just a spool of line. All over the world, you’ll find people out on the coast and even along the shores of lakes out on piers, dropping their lines into the water. While there’s no great secret to getting started, there are a few things to know that will give you a leg up on reeling in the catch of the day.

One easy way to improve your experience is to pay attention to the environment. Part of this is for your own health, as pier fishing, especially in populated areas, often happens alongside commercial or industrial activity that can affect the water quality. Your local department of fish and wildlife or environmental quality office will be able to provide info on whether it’s safe to eat what’s caught in certain areas. Once

What Are The Best Spots For A Fishing Trip

bThe Best Places For Fishing Vacations

Those who are planning a trip should not only have the right marine accessories, but should also select the right location, for location can be a huge factor in deciding how successful the trip was. Fortunately, there are several fantastic locations to choose from, fishermen can choose their locations based on their species of fish they wish to catch. For example, those who wish to catch blue marlin fish should consider heading to Bermuda, for the country is known to be one of the best places for fishing blue marlin fish species, that weight at least a thousand pounds.

The Mississippi marches run all the way to Louisiana and is the perfect place for those who wish to spend their vacations fly fishing. The marshes of Mississippi have plenty of red drum fish species which are perfect for fly fishermen. The marshes contain other fish species such as black drum and sea trout. Another ideal place to visit is Panama, the country is because it is a tourist friendly country with schools of tune species such as Zane Grey

The Thrill of Fishing With Topwater Lures

vIt was a typical summer afternoon in Georgia, hot and humid. I had taken one of my buddies fishing at one of my coveted honey holes, a farm pond in my hometown of Moreland where I had fished since I was a kid. My friend was from the northwest and was just in town for the week, and I intended show him a good day of southern bass fishing. Unfortunately the fish were not cooperating. We had failed to make a single catch at all that day. Just when we were about to give up all hopes of a fish fry that night, I decided to tie on a Zara-Spook and make a last effort. I cast it out near a thick weed bed close to the center of the lake. After a few twitches the water around the lure exploded like a depth charge as it was engulfed by a six-pound large-mouth. After I had secured my prize on a stringer I decided to try my luck again near the same spot. Much to the surprise of both my buddy and myself there

Tips for Walleye Fishing in Spring

bSpring is considered one of the best times for walleye fishing. Walleye is known by many names including pickerel, yellow pike, colored pike, and walleyed pike, depending on the location. The fish can be found in the shallow waters of rivers and lakes. Although the early spring weather can change unpredictably and cause walleyed pikes to move a little, the weather changes have more of an effect on fishermen or fisherwomen.

Find Them

One of the most common saying in the properties market is that the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. This saying also applies to walleyed pike fishing in early spring. Although you can toss the line and hope that the fish will bite, you stand a greater chance of catching some walleyed pike if you locate them first. Walleyed pikes are attracted to shallow, rocky areas with water moving through them or nearby. Early spring is spawning time for walleyed pikes and the best place for them to spawn is in shallow waters. Other places where you are likely to find walleyed pikes are sunken rocky islands.

Choose the

Jet Ski Fishing For Bass With The Right Rod

bsYour jet ski fishing rack should include standard lightweight rods, sensitive, lightweight rods, and graphite rods that are sensitive.

1. Graphite Rods: you can say that graphite rods are really lightweight – some say even lighter than any rod that you will ever hold in your hands. Other than that, they are also extremely sensitive. Their lengths range from 6.5 up to 7.5 feet. Obviously, they are made of graphite, which makes them tough and durable too. You get a medium light tip and medium action when using them.

They are perfect for fishing in the really deep water. Since they are very sensitive, you can almost immediately get the feel when a fish bites. Since it is lightweight, you won’t easily fatigue from holding it upright.

Use a 6.5-foot rod when fishing in water that has a depth of about 20 feet. If the water is shallower than that, then use the 7.5-foot rod. Some people have argued that fiberglass is better than graphite.

However, experience tells that graphite rods are more sensitive than fiberglass.

2. Lightweight Rods: lightweight rods that have pretty good sensitivity work great if

Hone Your Knife Sharpening Skills to Make a Good Day of Fishing Great

sdvThere’s a common saying among anglers that “even a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work,” and it would be tough to find an angler that disagrees with the sentiment. After all, it’s hard to be too upset after spending a whole day out on the lake or ocean, or sitting on the shore, fishing and taking in the scenery. But reeling in an abundance of fish is what really makes for a great day of fishing, although with it comes one unpleasant task: cleaning the fish. Thankfully, even that task can be made less unpleasant when anglers have the right set of tools. That doesn’t mean anglers should run out to buy a new set of knives; all it takes is a periodic knife sharpening to make the job easier.

Using a blunt knife is the quickest way for fishermen to fail at filleting fish, and it is perhaps the reason why so many dislike the chore. It makes the process difficult and adds an element of danger to the job, as cutting through the bones and flesh

Four Reasons You Should Head to a Fishing Pier Instead of a Night Club

sdvBored? Broke? Just tired of the same humdrum night out? Variety is the spice of life, and your life might just need a dash. Here are four reasons you should skip the nightclub and head to the local fishing pier this Saturday night.

Affordable Option

Visiting the pier is cheap! In most harbor towns it costs little to no money to visit the local fishing pier. Many just ask for a simple donation. When you weigh the price against the cost of a night out, factoring in cover charges, drink minimums, and the rising cost of craft beer, it seems like a no-brainer. Parlay that saved money into some fancy cheese or a delectable bottle of wine.

Romantic Date

A date on the fishing pier is undeniably romantic. The resonance of the tide, the salty sea air, the cry of the seagulls in the distance-hopefully the far, far distance-is a recipe for love. Pack that wine and fancy cheese into a stylish cooler or bag and make it a night your loved one won’t forget anytime soon. Keep that cheese away from those seagulls, though! That could be

Tips for Successful Recreational Fishing

dsvVenturing outdoors to a lake or stream for recreational fishing promises an enjoyable time filled with good memories. People of all ages can enjoy this sport. Ensure everyone’s safety by observing the following guidelines, as equipment and tackle used can be dangerous when not used correctly.


Recreational fishing involves the use of equipment known as “tackle.” Tackle includes a rod and reel, bobbers, hooks, bait, and tools. Some implements such as the hooks are very sharp because they are designed to penetrate the fish to catch them on the line. Therefore, take extreme caution while handling tackle to prevent injury. Although there are many types of bobbers available, the plain red ones work well for novice fishers. These brightly colored bobbers will rest on the surface of the water until a fish comes along to jerk on the line. The rod and reel used by each angler should fit his or her individual size. Children should use rods that are small enough for them to hold and manipulate in their hands independently. It’s also best to use short rods that are less than five feet

How to Catch a Tons of Snook

The best way to catch any fish is to figure out what they like. Snook like:

• Water temperatures between 70 and 82 degrees
• Structure
• Current
• Forage

Snook will die if the water temperature stays below 60 degrees for more than a couple of days and they prefer not to be in water hotter than 90 degrees. So a snook fisherman should focus on the sweet spot which is between 70 to about 82 degrees.

Snook like to lurk near structure. This structure can be dock posts, bridge pilings, a submerged tree, mangrove roots, rock piles… You get the idea. They are trying to find a place where they feel safe and where they can find something tasty to eat.

Snook are lazy. They like to wait for prey to come to them so they wait out of the current usually behind some sort of structure for an unsuspecting prey item to come their way. A snook has the capacity for a startling burst of speed to catch their prey. They also have a mouth similar to a five gallon bucket to fit amazingly large prey in their mouths.

Speaking of prey items; if you find a snook’s prey you will usually

Best Ways to Catch a Red Fish

vThe first step in targeting a specific species of fish is to know what they like. A red fish or red drum likes;

• Water temperatures between 70 through 85 degrees
• Oyster bars
• Grass flats/mud flats
• Mangrove roots
• Abundant forage

Florida red fish seem to be most active and ready to eat when the water temperatures are between 70 and 85 degrees. They also seem to shut down their feeding when the water temperatures get below 60 degrees. So a fisherman should definitely carry a thermometer if they’re fishing from shore or a boat that doesn’t already have one.

Red drum like oyster bars. They will used their tough heads to move oyster clumps out of the way to get at the marine worms, shrimp and mud crabs that are usually under the big groups of oysters.

Another red drum haunt is grass flats. They love to forage for small fish, crabs and other crustaceans that hide in the sea grass. Large schools can be seen certain times of the year cruising the shallow grass flats around Florida. They also like to search mud

Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing In Kona

dsvFishing for fun is a great activity. Whether you’re with friends or family you can be sure to enjoy yourself with a stress free fishing trip. You may even get a little competitive! The social bonding and exposure to nature are a few reasons to go shipping. But, maybe you are looking for something a little more… adventurous.

If you seek to roam further into the ocean, stray away from your typical bass and trout catches and dive into the darkness of the unlit surface waters, deep sea fishing may be for you.

What Is Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep sea fishing is a much more complex form of fishing. As the name suggests it requires deep seas, which are located far away from land. Often referred to as sports fishing.

When you venture out to these deep seas, you travel far from the shallow waters of standard fishing. Here, it is a totally different fish game. Think about it, where do sharks swim? Deep seas. A wide array of fish species can be found in the dark deep seas. Possibilities are limitless with this style of fishing and

Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

dvI got my first pair of Silver Sonics about two months ago and so far I’ve absolutely loved them. Even though the weather has been cold now in the beginning of the season they kept me reasonably warm. You can only do such much in 32-degree water.

I started off in a nearby lake stocked with rainbow trout, or at least so they claim. My catches support a theory that there is no fish in the lake or that I’m a really poor trout fisherman. I give both options about equal chance being true.

To begin with, I’m a pretty big guy. That’s a nice way of saying fat, but I didn’t have any problem getting into the Orvis waders. And this is a process that sometimes looks like making sausage.

On of the really nice things about the waders is the Convertible part of the name. Even though I didn’t have any need for it on this specific cold ass Saturday the functionality that lets you convert you chest waders to hip waders works great and it’s a feature I can see myself using a lot

Top 3 Tips to Catch a Dolphin

The first step when trying to find your target species is to figure out what clues to look for. The top 3 clues to look for when targeting a dolphin are;

• Birds
• Floating debris/weed lines
• Color change

Finding flocks of hovering birds should be a mahi fisherman’s first priority. A good pair of binoculars is a must when searching the horizon for birds that prey on bait fish. The reason a fisherman should seek out birds is because both dolphins and sea birds are seeking out the same prey items. It’s a pretty safe bet that if there are prey items for the birds then the predatory fish like dolphins will be near as well.

A bird has a distinct advantage over fishermen because they can get to a much higher elevation than a fisherman on a boat. A very high tuna tower might top out at thirty feet or so. A frigate bird may hover one hundred feet or more above the water when in search of prey. This makes it much easier for them to find bait fish than you could.

The types of birds that you can see will also tell you how deep the bait is. The

The Best Leaning Posts Every Fisherman Needs To Know About

sdvEvery fisherman needs the right marine accessories in his boat. This simply means the right boat seats, the right upholstery, the right boating hardware, steering and lean posts. These items will increase the comfort for the travelers and make the trip a happy one. It is the duty of every fisherman to invest in the right equipment for his boat.

The leaning posts is a multi-purpose equipment in a boat. They can be used a seat, to provide comfort for the travelers, as a fishing rod stand, for the people interested in fishing and sometimes even as cup holders. This makes it ideal for the mariners, as they don’t add bulk to the boat or use more space and they can perform multiple functions.

Hot Mark IV Leaning Post

The Hot Mark IV is a type of leaning posts that is one inch in diameter for structure. It is welded in TIG fillet and an aluminum structure of 6061-T6. This gives the post superior durability and strength. It is an awesome accessory for any boat because it can hold more than three thousand pounds with not much

Quick Get These Leaning Posts For Your Boat Now

sbAs a mariner trying to best leaning posts for your boat, you will come across a wide variety of them. Each of them have their own advantages and uses. You can select the suitable post based on different factors. For example there are some posts that are suitable for deep sea fishing and yet some other that can perform as a seat or a bolster.

The Malibu UHQ Fixie

The Malibu UHQ Fixie post is a suitable marine accessory that is ideal for “fishermen” boats that are cigarette styled and deep V boat. They are the most suitable for racing and designed specifically with that in mind. This sporty boat is also equipped with some nice features. They have extra-large cups holders that are three inches in diameter. This is situated in the back rest between the rod holders that are ten inches deep and the upper and lower backrest that is one inch in diameter. An added features is the hand hold for convenience. This is made of madrill span that is cold bent.

The leaning posts are made of using advanced aluminum that is lighter

How to Catch a Pompano

avThe first step in targeting a specific species of fish is to figure out what they like. A pompano likes;

• Water temperatures from the mid 70’s to the mid 60’s
• Sandy spots near grass flats
• The beach
• Abundant forage opportunities

Florida pompano like the water temperatures to be between the mid 75 degrees and 65 degrees. This is when they are most actively feeding. If the water temperatures climb to above 80 degrees or down to the low 50’s they can die. One of the keys to finding where these fish are is to find the right water temperatures. They will migrate from north to south and vice versa to find the right water temperatures. They will also migrate from inshore to offshore to find comfortable water temperatures.

A fisherman interested in catching “pomps” inshore should look for sand bars or sandy spots near grass flats or deeper channels. They are sand specialists and like to feed on shrimp, crabs and small fish. They will root around in the sand to find hiding shrimp and crabs to eat which is why sandy spots

Gone Fishing: Five Tips For Newbies

davNo one ever forgets their first fishing experience. Most people find it relaxing to sit in a boat or standing on the pier with a pole in hand. However, there is more to this sport than meets the eye. Here are some important things that should be done so that the experience will be enjoyable.

Purchase a state fishing license

Every state has their own rules about using water for sport. There are a variety of licenses to choose from, including those for daily use, short-term, annual, and lifetime. Check the state’s fishery departments to find out if there are any specific requirements, such as age limits.

Wear boat shoes

Before stepping on a slippery boat, be sure to invest in some non-skid boat shoes. Many first time fishermen and fisherwomen make the mistake of wearing shoes that are not conducive to being on a slippery surface. Also make sure to avoid wearing shoes with a dark sole, as they can very easily leave dark colored scuff marks on the deck of the boat.

Use new hooks

Before going out on this adventure, be sure to purchase new hooks. Don’t