How to Catch a Tons of Snook

The best way to catch any fish is to figure out what they like. Snook like:

• Water temperatures between 70 and 82 degrees
• Structure
• Current
• Forage

Snook will die if the water temperature stays below 60 degrees for more than a couple of days and they prefer not to be in water hotter than 90 degrees. So a snook fisherman should focus on the sweet spot which is between 70 to about 82 degrees.

Snook like to lurk near structure. This structure can be dock posts, bridge pilings, a submerged tree, mangrove roots, rock piles… You get the idea. They are trying to find a place where they feel safe and where they can find something tasty to eat.

Snook are lazy. They like to wait for prey to come to them so they wait out of the current usually behind some sort of structure for an unsuspecting prey item to come their way. A snook has the capacity for a startling burst of speed to catch their prey. They also have a mouth similar to a five gallon bucket to fit amazingly large prey in their mouths.

Speaking of prey items; if you find a snook’s prey you will usually find a snook very nearby. Anytime a fisherman sees schools of fish like mullet, sardines, pilchards, glass minnows, or any other small fish it’s time to fish for a snook. They will most likely be watching the school for weak or injured fish to take out of the gene pool.

What are the best baits to use to catch a snook?

Now it’s time to talk about the best baits to use to catch a snook. They will readily take a dead bait fished on the bottom near any mangroves or structure that is to their liking. This fisherman’s best snook have been caught using dead bait. A nice chunk of lady fish, bluefish, mullet or pin fish will not likely be ignored by a hungry snook.

A snook will greedily devour a live pin fish, mullet, pilchard, lady fish, pig fish or just about any other fish that they can fit in their bucket mouths. These live baits can be presented underneath a float or free lined for best results.

The best artificial lure to catch a snook is hotly debated but my number one pick would have to be some sort of mullet imitation. This lure can be a top water mullet imitation or a suspending type of lure. They can be hard plastic or soft plastic. A hungry snook will not turn down a properly presented imitation mullet. Let’s get some lines wet!