Jet Ski Fishing For Bass With The Right Rod

bsYour jet ski fishing rack should include standard lightweight rods, sensitive, lightweight rods, and graphite rods that are sensitive.

1. Graphite Rods: you can say that graphite rods are really lightweight – some say even lighter than any rod that you will ever hold in your hands. Other than that, they are also extremely sensitive. Their lengths range from 6.5 up to 7.5 feet. Obviously, they are made of graphite, which makes them tough and durable too. You get a medium light tip and medium action when using them.

They are perfect for fishing in the really deep water. Since they are very sensitive, you can almost immediately get the feel when a fish bites. Since it is lightweight, you won’t easily fatigue from holding it upright.

Use a 6.5-foot rod when fishing in water that has a depth of about 20 feet. If the water is shallower than that, then use the 7.5-foot rod. Some people have argued that fiberglass is better than graphite.

However, experience tells that graphite rods are more sensitive than fiberglass.

2. Lightweight Rods: lightweight rods that have pretty good sensitivity work great if you are using top water lures and crank baits. A good example of this is a fiberglass rod that has a medium action tip. Of course, you can always employ one that has a light action tip if you prefer that sort of action -it all depends on the weight of your lure.

Fiberglass rods will make the bass inhale the hook, which will help prevent it from getting dislodged. If you are using heavier types of bait, then get a 7-foot rod, which is better in case you intend to cast at a distance and in wide open spaces. However, if there are obstacles along the way or if you prefer to cast with a certain degree of accuracy then get a 6-foot rod.

Note that if your lure is 314 ounces, then you should use a medium tip. If your bait weighs 1/8th of an ounce, then you’re better off with a lightweight rod with a light tip.

3. 6.5 to 7-foot lightweight rod: This is the type of rod that you should use in case you are supposed to use for spinner baits and buzz baits – for fishing jet ski. You should get one that has a medium soft tip and medium action. Get the longer variant to cover more distance when you cast and get the shorter one for better accuracy and covering shorter distances.

Ultra-Light Rods, Spinning Rods, and Bait Casting Rods

Bait casting rods are the ones that have guides on their tops. They are designed in such a way that the rod blank holds the reel. Spinning rods, on the other hand, have the rod blank holding the reel below. That means that you can find the guides on the underside.

Both spinning rod and bait casting rod blanks can be made out of graphite and fiberglass. Some manufacturers make ultra-light rods that use a combination of both. Note that an ultra-light rod will be 4 to 5 feet in length – the best for jetski fishing. The usual baitcasting and spinning rods have an average length of 7 feet.

Use ultra-lights for lighter lures and lighter lines. It’s interesting that these can be used to make more accurate casts over long distances. If you want some added challenges to catching smaller breeds of bass, then these are the rods you should be getting.

I hope that these tips will help you with a making a decision next time you will pack your jet ski fishing rack.