Orvis Silver Sonic Waders

dvI got my first pair of Silver Sonics about two months ago and so far I’ve absolutely loved them. Even though the weather has been cold now in the beginning of the season they kept me reasonably warm. You can only do such much in 32-degree water.

I started off in a nearby lake stocked with rainbow trout, or at least so they claim. My catches support a theory that there is no fish in the lake or that I’m a really poor trout fisherman. I give both options about equal chance being true.

To begin with, I’m a pretty big guy. That’s a nice way of saying fat, but I didn’t have any problem getting into the Orvis waders. And this is a process that sometimes looks like making sausage.

On of the really nice things about the waders is the Convertible part of the name. Even though I didn’t have any need for it on this specific cold ass Saturday the functionality that lets you convert you chest waders to hip waders works great and it’s a feature I can see myself using a lot this summer.

The breathability seemed good. After a few hours, my socks were still dry as no lake had formed in my boots. If you ever tried a pair of neoprene waders you know what I’m talking about. If the waders are not breathable the will get wet inside and this has nothing to do with the fact that you are actually standing in water but the fact that the is condense created and there is no way for it to escape.

The construction of the waders looks really sturdy and Orvis says that these are hard-wearing, breathable, everyday waders for the serious angler. The main wader is made of the same durable 4-layer nylon fabric as the Pack and Travel waders while the upper is a lighter weight 4-layer nylon, the same fabric used in the Pro Guides.

As we already an innovative suspension system allows you to convert them to waist-highs without removing suspenders, a perfect feature for warm spring afternoons. They also feature an extensive pocket system that gives you plenty of space for tackle boxes, lines, clippers and other stuff.

I got mine for $260 and while it’s a bit of money you get a lot of value for your hard earned dollars. They are my new favorite model and still a lot cheaper than the popular Simms models that they compete with.