Quick Get These Leaning Posts For Your Boat Now

sbAs a mariner trying to best leaning posts for your boat, you will come across a wide variety of them. Each of them have their own advantages and uses. You can select the suitable post based on different factors. For example there are some posts that are suitable for deep sea fishing and yet some other that can perform as a seat or a bolster.

The Malibu UHQ Fixie

The Malibu UHQ Fixie post is a suitable marine accessory that is ideal for “fishermen” boats that are cigarette styled and deep V boat. They are the most suitable for racing and designed specifically with that in mind. This sporty boat is also equipped with some nice features. They have extra-large cups holders that are three inches in diameter. This is situated in the back rest between the rod holders that are ten inches deep and the upper and lower backrest that is one inch in diameter. An added features is the hand hold for convenience. This is made of madrill span that is cold bent.

The leaning posts are made of using advanced aluminum that is lighter and stronger. They are wider by four extra inches than normal posts, which gives them more strength. The flat profile structural tubing helps the foot rest be designed in such a way that the shin does not get damaged accidentally. The foot rest also functions as the front step for the cooler, which is strapped with nylon, Velcro and a slide buckle. When it comes to seating, you have the choice of two distinct colors that can be customized per your wish. The vinyl upholstery is thick and can withstand abrasions. They are tough and firm with the help of the dual density cell charcoal foam that is closed.

Custom Heavy Duty Fixed Back Rest

The ideal accessory for deep sea fishing is the custom heavy duty fixed back rest. They are popular for their strength and superior performance. They feature seat cushions that are deeper, five rod holders, and support bar for extra rod, side hand holds and a bigger and better storage tub. The seat is supported by the 304 stainless steel seat stay wire that fixes the seat in place. The aluminum structure of the post is 6061-T6 that are welded together and not left lose by being screwed or bolted. It is ideal for customized marine accessories as they upholstery can be made in any color theme.